Can effective high school persuasive essay topics guarantee you a good grade

If you are looking for a topic for a persuasive essay and you are turning to your old high school papers for inspiration, you might be headed for disaster. Unless you were an outstanding writer as a high school student, it is best to avoid using anything that you wrote in high school for a college paper. The differences between high school persuasive essays and collegiate essays are dramatic. Even the topics that students write about at the two educational levels are strikingly different, too. It is best to avoid anything that screams “high school” when you are working on a college project, especially if you plan to get a good grade.

  1. Avoid Using Any Old High School Papers
  2. High school persuasive essays are usually have topics that are directly connected to high school. For example, in language arts courses, you probably wrote persuasive essays about the books you read. Most high school students write about the same books. If you try to use one of your persuasive essays or even the topic, your instructor will quickly be able to tell that the essay originated in high school. The topics are just too obvious to collegiate professors.

  3. Get Real with Your Writing
  4. High school writing is quite different from the type of writing that is done in college. High school teachers usually require their students to use the five-paragraph essay format with specific numbers of sentences and formulaic structure. At the collegiate level, professors would like to see their students begin to experiment with form and structure. This does not mean that you write a big blob of text or that you do not use organized paragraphs, but they want to see students begin to use more paragraphs with more depth and support than students used when they were learning to write in high school.

  5. Deepen Your Thinking with Collegiate Work
  6. At the collegiate level, professors want to see their students use original, in-depth thinking. Too often, the topics that students wrote about in high school do not lead students into deep thought. The topics are usually too broad or they have been used so often that no original thinking is left. College students are known for being deeper thinkers than high school students, mostly because the courses they study involve more specific information that allows students to direct their focus on minute details.