Analysis Of A Spy's Life By Henry Porter

Henry Porter is author of the thriller titled “A Spy’s Life.” If you have ever wanted to know what it would be like to live like a spy this story gives insight you wouldn’t believe. It is an exciting story that would be interesting to see the big screen. The main character survives a plane crash only to be haunted by his past. The character meets an expected fate as he thinks about his past as a spy. Even though he moves forward with his life in another country he knows his days could be numbered because of international espionage he engaged in before the accident.

Porter has published other related content similar to the story line for “A Spy’s Life.” Many who have read his work feel he is a great writer that has keen skills in writing thriller content. With this book, many have enjoyed how it turned out in the end. For some, it was a matter of understanding the author and his writing abilities. This was something many people noted when they read the content. The book is short but it provides various details that is easy to follow but complex at the same time. The life of a spy isn’t easy and the author outlines this information clearly in his story.

The main character that is literally in hiding for espionage committed in another country goes through a series though patterns and concepts to piece together what happened before his plane crashed. There are references made to other countries and wars that may help set the setting and plot for the story. It seems as if the author was inspired to the write the story based on true events. The main character may have had something to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

When analyzing the story there are several points to think about. You can consider reasons why the author chose to write this story with several international elements mentioned. You can think about details and events described that define the story as a thriller. And lastly, you can think about actions of the main character and consider whether they were justified in the end. What elements of the story made it a good read and would you recommend it to others? Since the story was short in nature, what other events would you add to it to make it more interesting?