How to Write a Good Conclusion for Your school Essay

Writing a good conclusion for your essay is made easy by the prep work you put into your essay. By developing a strong argument, following a writing plan and staying on topic you will be led into a strong conclusion. The conclusion is not a place to present any new information.

Develop Strong Argument

By developing a strong argument, you are able to be clear about the point you are making throughout your essay. You do not want to come off as wishy-washy in your essay. Take a stance or choose a direction, and pursue only that trail while writing. Your argument or point will be outlined by a thesis statement in your introduction. This will be purpose of the body paragraphs of the paper, and the overarching theme too—a cohesive finished product.

Follow a Writing Plan

Once you have decided on a strong argument, formulating your thesis statement and compiling the research, you will want to follow a writing plan. We suggest you use an outline to organize your essay. An outline will allow you to create a map for your essay, beginning with the introduction/thesis, moving into the body paragraphs of the paper with research-based content and then sliding into the conclusion. This should be a seamless transition if you have set up your paper in an effective organization.

Stay on Topic

Throughout the writing process, you will follow your outline to get to the conclusion. By following a writing plan or outline, you are able to stay on topic. If the paper were to stray off-topic then providing a neat conclusion, reiterating the introduction and points being made, would be more difficult. Further explanation would be needed to put the off-topic information into context, making the paper messy or less organized. Keep on topic and you will glide into your conclusion.

With a strong argument established by your thesis statement in the introduction and an organized writing plan, you paper should be a seamless presentation of information from beginning to end. You want to make sure you have remained on topic throughout the paper, and this will drive you home to the conclusion. Once you have arrived to the conclusion of your paper, you will reiterate your thesis, review what you have discussed and make any last clarifications. Use these planning tips to write a great conclusion for your next school essay.