School research papers: how to create a stunning introduction

Teachers continue to assign school research papers and they always want to see the same features. Teachers like to see strong introductions that get the attention of the readers. They also like to see meaningful and factual body paragraphs. Each research paper should always end with a powerful conclusion that encourages the reader to take action or agree with the writer’s claim. When students follow their teachers’ instructions, they will certainly create a research paper that will earn a good grade.

What is Most Important?

Most teachers would argue about the most important part of the research paper. Many will argue that the body of the paper is the most important because it includes the facts that support the claim. Others will argue that the entire paper is important, because each piece works together to accomplish one goal. However, many teachers think that the introduction is the most important because without the introduction and a thoughtful, debatable claim, no research paper would ever be completed.

What Steps are Necessary?

When you want to craft a stunning introduction, there are several steps that writers can take. In order to make the introduction meaningful, students need to understand the purpose of an introduction. It does more than simply introduce the topic. The hook needs to grab the readers’ attention to encourage readers to read the entire essay from start to finish. Students need to craft a bridge between the hook and the claim. Without a thorough bridge, readers will be confused about the purpose of the research paper because of the incongruous jump that can occur. The claim is the final part of the introduction and it helps the readers understand exactly what the point of the research paper happens to be.

What Techniques will Stun Readers?

There are several techniques to grab the readers’ attention with a creative, stunning hook. The techniques are not appropriate for every research paper, but at one can be used effectively. Some of the best hooks contain attention-getting quotes, capture ideas through short anecdotes, or group together meaningful words with alliteration. Some writers will use attention-getting techniques with open-ended questions, interesting statistics, or emotions that draw readers in and make them want to know more. With a weak introduction, readers will not want to continue reading. The introduction sets the stage for the rest of the paper, so the introduction is vital to getting people to read the rest of the paper.