A Compelling List Of Cause And Effect Essay Topics

The best cause and effect essays make the connection between an event or action, and the consequences that result, crystal clear. You will frequently find yourself receiving cause and effect essay assignments as they are a very common method of organising, presenting, and discussing theories and ideas.

A Few Tips To Remember About Cause And Effect Essays:

- Keep the distinction between the cause and the effect clear. You want to make the connection between the two, but they are separate elements in your argument.

- In some cases, many causes can end with a single result. The opposite is true as well. One cause can yield several different effects and/or results.

- Any essay is improved when a student takes the time to come up with a well thought out thesis. Introduce your main idea or argument, and be clear as to what causes and effects will be examined in your paper.

- Decide how you will organize the supporting evidence in the body paragraphs of your essay. Will you use a chronological approach, and organize the details in the order which they occurred? Or will you decide that categorizing your ideas will work better. Supporting data can also be presented in order of importance. Decide how you wish to proceed when you draw up your essay outline.

- Use language which helps your reader follow your train of thought. Words and phrases like “as a result of”, “due to”, “consequently” and so on make it easy to transition from a cause to an effect.

Sample Topics For Your Cause And Effect Essay

Environmental Issues

What is the principle cause of global warming? What are the effects of global warming on our oceans?

Social Justice Issues And Political Events

What has caused the rise of militant Islamic groups in the Middle East? What has caused so many disaffected young people from Western countries to travel abroad and take up arms for their cause?

Recent Advances In Mobile And Computer Technology

How have smart phones, I pads, I pods and related high tech devices influenced how we work, play, and relate to each other? What effects have these technological advances had on our relationships with family and friends? Have they been strengthened, weakened, or remained unchanged?

Relations Between Nations

What has the effect of Russian intervention in the Ukraine had on her relations with Europe and America? What are the root causes of the ongoing conflicts in Eastern Europe?

There are so many areas a cause and effect assignment can explore! Find the right one for you, and get writing!