Some general advice on college essay writing

The great thing about this topic is that the good general advice on college essay writing is easy to understand, costs absolutely nothing and can be confidently applied by you. This advice is not something difficult to understand and which will take you ages of study to comprehend. Simply reading this article will give you the information and because it is simple and straightforward, you will be able to apply it immediately.

There are three major tips or pieces of general advice.

  1. choose the right topic
  2. go brainstorming
  3. know the three basic components

Choosing the right topic is so important. So many students choose a topic in which they have little or no interest, little or no knowledge and little or no passion. Straightaway they are up against it. No wonder they find writing their college essay difficult. On the other hand, if they know information about this topic, or have an interest in this topic and better still, if they are passionate about this topic, the actual writing becomes a breeze. They don't need to do as much research or if they do, they want to do this research because of their love for the topic.

Then comes brainstorming. This is where you take a piece of paper and you write anything you can think of to do with this topic. You don't plan what you're going to write. You don't worry about spelling or punctuation. You simply write down any word or words which come into your mind which are related to the topic. Don't think about whether they are relevant or not, simply write them down. Then, sometime later, go over the words on this piece of paper. Highlight the ones which you think are relevant. Make a list of these words on a separate piece of paper. All of a sudden you have ideas and the basis of your essay.

Finally there is the actual writing of the essay. And again if you know the three main components and stick to the formula, you're well on the way to writing an excellent college essay. The three components are as follows.

  1. Introduction
  2. Main body
  3. Conclusion

Introduction is just that. You are telling the reader what you plan to talk about in the essay. The main body can be one, two or three paragraphs and this is where you set out your argument for the topic. And finally the conclusion is where you make a summary of everything which has gone before.