5 tips for writing an article report

Writing a report can be hard so any tips or help to make the process easier are welcome. The following are just five tips for writing an article report.

  1. The first is to be direct and to the point. If there is a word count for the article that you are writing this is an important aspect to keep in mind since every word must count—literally. That is not to say that vivid language and examples are not allowed, but it means that each of your examples must be on point with your topic and the language should be vivid to describe the examples and not vivid just to make a flowery setting or to add fluff to the piece.
  2. Next keep your reader in mind. This is important so that the words you choose to write with are at an appropriate level and are engaging for the readers that are your intended audience.
  3. Third would be to make an outline of the report. This step can help because it will give the writing a framework. Think of this step as the roadmap. It is the route that you will take in the report to convey information.
  4. The fourth tip would be to write drafts of the report. Don’t be too concerned with the length or the shape of the report at this stage. Get the facts down and in place in the first draft and then as you reread the piece, you can begin to tighten the language, fix sentence structure and fine tune the report. Drafts are meant to be working documents. This means that they will have changes to them and the changes should make the work better with each revision.
  5. The final tip for writing an article report would be to make the final check on the grammar, mechanics and the overall tone of the report. This is to say, the polishing phase. It is the last time you will revise your article so that it can be turned in or published. Doing a final proofreading of the document is a step not to miss. Many times, the auto-correct feature on word processors can miss things or can change words. These words may be spelled correctly, but may not fit with the intent of the sentence and so they will need to be fixed before the final copy is delivered.