Social Criticism

Social criticism is a very specific way to describe the act of a society rebelling against its government, or structure of society. This is when the people of a certain group identify that there are major flaws and problems with the ways that the society and government is run in a culture or particular group of people. Social criticism does not always lead up to a huge rebellion; however, it can lead to the rebelling against the current processes and methods of governance. There have been many examples of social criticism through out history in many different countries and cultures. One of the most readily notable examples of social criticism in America is the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 by the founding fathers of America. This document came after many years of suffering from abuse and maltreatment of the people who inhabited America. The people of America were tired of being bullied by the British soldiers and being forced to do things that they did not wish to do. There was a significant amount of turmoil leading up to the Declaration of Independence and a lot of troubles that would then follow. However, in the Declaration of Independence, there are specific problems that are detailed by the founding fathers with the way that the American people had been treated by the King and his soldiers. There was a specific outline of what was wrong and what needed to change. Therefore, this is one of the most specific social criticisms that ended up leading to war and the eventual independence of the United States of America. While not all social criticisms end in violence or even the upheaval of a nation, there are some through out history that have.

There are some social criticisms that simply end in the government or rulers listening to the problems of the people that it governs and taking action to make them happier. However, this was not the case for the Declaration of Independence. When it comes to this documentation of social criticism the founding fathers were already at a point where there was no going back to the way that things were before. The situation was not going to be able to be rectified. Therefore, the only solution was going to be to push forward and fight for independence of the country and its people who deserved to be treated better.