What is the best way to start writing a paper?

  1. Understand the subject and purpose
  2. Different academic papers have different purposes. You might have to choose a different approach to work for all the papers. However, the basic plan and pre-writing phase stays more or less the same.

  3. Carry out research
  4. It is important to carry out a methodological research to save time

  5. Develop a plan for your paper
  6. Plan your paper according to your preferences

  7. Create a precise outline
  8. Collecting the data is one thing and analyzing it is another. When you create the plan for your paper, look at your data. Delete whatever material is irrelevant, not valid, obsolete, or unnecessary. Only keep that data which is authenticated, recent, and relevant. While creating the outline you will have to put similar data in one place. You will have to use number, points, bullets, and headings to plan the structure of your paper. Make sure you include every important detail in your outline

  9. Brainstorm for ideas
  10. Brainstorming is a great way to trigger fresh ideas and revive the existing ideas in your mind. Sometimes you read certain information somewhere but do not remember it clearly. It is stored in the sub conscious part of your brain. When you are brainstorming, you let your thoughts go free. Never stop yourself in the middle of brainstorming process. Whether the ideas seem relevant or not, you should keep noting them. Some ideas may not even make sense to you, but list them down. You will have all the time to edit and rephrase them later when you write your paper.

  11. Start writing
  12. The pre-writing phase is all done. Double-check everything you gathered and revise the notes. Make sure you have everything you need. Once you start writing, you cannot go back to the research and idea generation process all over again. This will be all you need to get you started on your paper. However, if you are writing a research paper or dissertation you will have to carry out research on the history of the topic and write the literature review as well. For an academic essay or any other simple paper, you will not need a literature review.

Also, remember to keep the instructions passed by your teacher in your mind. Write them on a neat paper and paste it in your study area so that you can always have a look at them.