5 Reasons Not to Buy an Online Essay

Though tempting to hire a third party online, sometimes that is not the best option. Regardless of whether you are looking for someone to write a business report or analytic essay, depending on your needs it is worth considering whether it is actually necessary to order a custom essay online. While ordering custom essays online may offer some positives, as far as the easiness and readiness of it all, it is worth weighing the options to see if this is actually the best decision for you. Here are some reasons why you should not consider ordering an essay from online.

  1. Plagiarism seems to be commonplace in the world of custom essays that are ordered online. It is impossible to be entirely sure where the writers got their material, and it seems too much of a risk to take for certain key essays that are to be written. Plagiarism is to be taken seriously. In the worst case scenario, you will buy a plagiarized piece and find yourself in a lawsuit. It is best to take precautions to avoid that, and the best way to avoid plagiarism is to write the essay yourself.
  2. While you may pay more money for a better quality writer, it is not always the case that you will get the bang for your buck. There are no consistencies in the writing world, and work is entirely subjective. Though the writers may do the bare minimum of the required job, the essay still might be lacking in substance.
  3. Sometimes hiring a third party is not worth the money, and the time to write an essay is best done by yourself. You might find it a worthwhile pursuit in the end, as you will inevitably learn more information about the topic that is to be written about and gain experience in the end.
  4. Scams are also rampant on the internet. If you hire a third party to write an essay, be sure not to give the entirety of the money up front. It is possible they will never write the essay, or not follow the terms of the essay, and you will be out of the money intended for the essay.
  5. This last point is in reference to the college students trying to get out of doing their work. If this is homework that is assigned to you, it is unjustifiable to get out of doing the work and paying for a third party. You have duties as a student to learn and earn your degree in an honest way- paying for essays is cheating and simply should not be done.