The 15 Best Essay Topics On Alternative Sources Of Energy

Nowadays, schools and colleges emphasize on essay writing a lot. They allot various assignments to students in a given field, in which they are free to select any topic of their choice.

Some tips to write well are:

- Stick to the main point of the topic

- Maintain the paragraph length

- Write within the given word limit, .i.e. essay length

- Practice writing at home

One of the most common topics given by schools to students is alternate sources of energy. Because of the depleting natural resources, the world needs to discover other alternate sources of energy for survival. Resources like coal and oil are being incredibly consumed and leaving behind very less for future sustainability.

Coal mines are being exhausted and such sources not being renewable are posing a great threat to our planet. To understand the need and importance of this fact, students are asked to write essays on alternate sources of energy.

To write a good and effective essay, one needs to choose the topic correctly. Only if the topic chosen is correct, then can the essay be brilliant enough to leave an impression on the reader’s mind.

Some interesting topics for alternate sources of energy essays are:

- Hydro-electric power

- Significance of renewable energy

- Bio mass energy

- Nuclear energy

- Solar power energy

- Geothermal energy

- Advantages and disadvantages of alternate sources of energy

- How to deal with energy crisis

- Alternate energy for future sustainability

- Fossil fuels or alternate energy?

- Alternate energy sources should be encouraged

- Wind power: alternate energy to electricity

- Global warming and sustainable energy

- Science of wave energy

- Significance of alternate energy on our planet

For writing good and successful projects, one should be aware of the following writing tips:

- Attracting reader’s attention is of prime concern. And for this one needs to chose a very interesting topic form the field given to him

- Various facts and quotation from different sources should be sued to validate statements. References should be clearly mentioned.

- Information from various aspects of life as well personal experiences adds a lot of weight to the essay.

- The writing should be a high professional quality.

For improving the quality of writing, students can refer to many sample papers available in the library and also for free online. This will help them write better.