Interesting ideas for your science term papers

With the broad range of science topics, there are so many options for science term papers. Science term papers do not have to be boring and rote. With some imagination and inspiration, you can create a science term paper that will not only be fun to write, but enjoyable for readers, too.

Pick a Narrowed Topic

In each broad topic, there are many different ways to make a paper interesting. Science term papers do not just have to be about the environment, astronomy, or evoluation. The most interesting topics are the subtopics that many people do not think about at all. These are a few uncommon topics:

Protecting the manatee in Florida

MRSA and sports

Was Jurassic Park an accurate portrayal of cloning

Charles Babbage and the digital computer

Ohm’s law

Edison’s effect on modern society

What to use instead of natural gas

Galileo’s effect on modern society


Exploring the ocean floor

Growing a coral reef

Science of yoga



Darwin’s laws and the effect on the world today

Studying a species through evoluation

Yellowstone controversies

Naturally growing foods

Sustainability in big cities

Sustainability on small islands

Food allergies

Killer bees

Major climate changes

Life expectancy

The Purpose of dreams

The Hubble Telescope

Living on the moon

Choose a Topic You Find Fascinating

When you choose a topic that you find fascinating, you will be able to write a more interesting paper than if you choose a topic that you do not care much about writing. Of course, the topic needs to be appropriate to the class you are taking, so if you are taking an astronomy class, you should avoid writing about manatees in Florida.

Write a Spectacular Thesis

You can always create interest in your science paper if you are able to create an interesting hook and thesis. In some cases, the most interesting thesis statements include ideas that include some controversy. An interesting thesis does not have to be about a topic that most people consider to be true. When the topics are a bit far fetched and more challenging to prove, they tend to be more interesting to read.

Make the Research Fit Your Needs

Whatever topic you choose, you need to be able to find research to support your topic. If the research does not exist, then you cannot support your ideas. Fortunately, research can be found in an immense amout of locations and in many cases, the research can be used to fit the needs of the paper.