A Step-by-Step Guide for Selecting Good Essay Topics for 8th Graders

As far as formal writing, eight graders are relatively new writers. It is important that the focus is on the writing skill with the eighth graders, and then the topic needs to be appropriate and secondary to the skill. Some ideas for topics are:


Most 8th graders take a regional, country, or sate history in junior high. The 8th grade may be a good time to assign a topic on history. Remember, many historians were also writers, like Benjamin Franklin, so the topic could be cross curriculum.


8th graders are just learning to find themes in literature. So, start small with a poem or a short story and have the students discuss the theme. With time, the students can move up to themes relative to plays, novels, or novellas.


Physical and life science are usually taught in the junior high years, so consider a science topic. An animal or an innovation is an easy place to start. You really want to focus on the writing process as much as possible. If the topic is easy to research, then the child can focus on the actual writing skills.


Students do not always think of mathematics topics, but math is all around us. You measure the ingredients for a cake, the amount of time to do homework, and the days before an assignment is due. So, consider stepping out of your box and picking a mathematics topic for an 8th grade paper.

Famous People

Most young people have a favorite writer, entertainer, singer, band, athlete, team, or musician. Many students are interested in historical figures and interested in politicians. You should take advantage of this attraction and assign the students to write about the people they like and they admire. Students always do a better job of writing when they like the topic.

An 8th grader needs to learn how to research, he or she needs to practice writing thesis statements, the outline process needs to be mastered, he or she needs to know how to write a rough draft, and in text citations need to be mastered. Because of all these important jobs that need to be mastered, try to select easy to research and interesting topics for 8th grade students. When picking essay or term paper topics for 8th grade students, use this informative guide for guaranteed success!