Challenges in Patient-Centered Medical Home and Troubleshooting

Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an innovative model for delivering healthcare to patients with an objective of achieving maximum outcomes for health. The model is aimed at tracking down patients over time while providing coordination to health professionals to work in teams thus strengthen health care delivery. Consequently, there are many challenges in Patient-Centered Medical Home. Firstly, it is a tremendous challenge to establish health care agreements with clinicians and other referral physicians. This means that there is no guarantee of patient follow-up with the model. Coordinating patients with high-risk infections is also a challenge. This is because there are no established communication platforms that increased coordination from one patient to another. Thirdly, with the program it is difficult to integrate healthcare providers with health IT. Financial projections show that it is difficult to implement IT infrastructure due to their high costs. Scientific evidence shows that many healthcare organizations have found it difficult financing a change to PCMH.

In order to solve the challenges in PCMH it is essential to understand the root causes that lead to failure of the model. The government should give incentive payments to all physicians with an aim of improving their coordination with patients. Good payments will act as motivational factor to improve health care delivery. Moreover, all the stakeholders should unite to form a common code of conduct for physicians to in improving care. Patient management systems should be developed to monitor and supervise the conduct of physicians and clinicians in hospitals. Since quality and affordability of in Patient-Centered Medical Home is a challenge, effective healthcare legislation should be enacted to help improve care deliverance for many people in the society. Moreover, the government should also provide IT infrastructure to all Patient-Centered Medical Homes. This integration of information technology systems in PCMH will help to improve overall health care delivery.