How To Write A Good Persuasive Essay On Sports

Writing a fantastic persuasive essay on sports is easy if you can think of a great topic idea. In this article we are going to discuss the qualities of a good persuasive essay and how they can be adopted for sports writing.

Come Up With A Good Topic For Your Persuasive Essay

The first step to writing a persuasive essay on sports is to come up with a good theme for your paper. Remember, the main difference between a persuasive essay and any other type of essay is that it attempts to persuade the reader to agree with the author’s thesis. This means that the topic that you choose should be a two-sided issue that can be debated.

A good example of a two-sided issue for a sports essay would be something like: Should athletes be suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs? Or should there be a limit on how much professional athletes are paid?

Different people will have different perspectives on these issues. Your goal is to write a persuasive paper that present evidence that will get the reader to agree with your opinions. The reason why this type of subject matter makes for a good essay topic is because people tend to have strong perspectives on this type of subject matter.

Finding Evidence For Your Persuasive Essay

A successful persuasive paper should use strong examples to back it up. This is where you really need to do your research. Once you have chosen your sports topic to write on, as well as picked a side, the next step is finding real life examples that support your point of view.

When it comes to writing on sports you will want to look at research evidence as well as sports journals and articles. It is a good idea to choose one specific example and present different points that proves what you are trying to save. This helps to make your paper much more focused than if you had selected various examples from various sports and tried to construct an argument.

Writing a persuasive essay on sports subject matter is not an essay undertaking. If you wish to be successful you will need a great topic that has two clear sides to present. It is also helpful if you can find one real life example to use to give your paper more merit. If you can do these two things then you’ll be well on your way to completing your sports paper.