Essay Thesis Help – Six Ways to Make it Stand Out

Want to get some help really making your essay thesis stand out? Then read this short guide and apply these six tips to each and every paper you write. You’re going to be a writing superstar and do my thesis perfectly in no time.

  1. Be controversial
  2. Keep it tightly written and concise
  3. Avoid vague statements
  4. Don’t use first person statements
  5. Don’t use second person statements
  6. Put it at the very end of your first paragraph

Being Controversial Helps a Lot

If you want your thesis to really stand out you need to be controversial. For instance, everyone knows the popular opinion regarding Steve Jobs and Apple. Formulate a thesis that states the exact opposite, “Steve Jobs and Apple aren’t revolutionary companies – they’re patent pirates and intellectual property thieves.”

Keep it tightly written and concise

Let’s turn to the example above. It’s tightly written. The following example is long winded and will make your thesis stand out… but in the wrong way:

“Steve Jobs has been credited with making Apple one of the most revolutionary and innovative companies in the world, but there is evidence to prove that they steal other people’s ideas, pirate their intellectual property, and don’t really deliver the innovation they’re credited with.” Yuck – who would write that? Certainly not you.

Avoid Vague Statements

Continuing with Steve Jobs and Apple:

“Steve Jobs and Apple are innovative and revolutionary.” That’s vague.

“Steve Jobs and Apple have brought innovation to the mobile music player industry with the iPod, iTunes, and each new generation of these technologies.” That’s the opposite of vague.

Don’t Use First Person Statements

The examples above are perfect. You’re goofing it up if you instead say “I think Steve Jobs and Apple are innovative…”

Don’t Use Second Person Statements

This is wrong: “You have heard plenty of things about how innovative Steve Jobs and Apple are, and you will learn…” That’s a definite fail.

Put it at the very end of your first paragraph

This is from essay writing 101, but many students forget. Your introductory paragraph is designed to help set up the rest of your paper by providing a brief background on the topic. You then tell them what you’re going to express in the essay. Save the thesis statement for last.

This is going to make it stick out because it’s exactly where the teacher is going to look for it. If it’s anywhere else it’s going to blend in like army camouflage in the Iraqi desert.