Why global warming essays are so popular?

When it comes to persuasive essays, popular topics change depending on what is trending in the news. For many years, the most popular topics were about abortion issues. Popular topics now include topics related to marijuana, gay marriage, and global warming. Of these three topics, global warming is the least controversial, so many students choose this one over the other popular topics.

Reasons for Global Warming Essays

Global warming essays are popular for many other reasons. The topic can be used on many different levels. Students can write about the way that their local communities have been affected by global warming. They can also write about initiatives that their cities, counties, and states have been trying to reduce their consumption of resources. Along with the local levels of global warming initiatives, students can also write about federal initiatives, too. Some of the initiatives are quite controversial and some have not been effective, which is why global warming can be analyzed in so many persuasive essays. The topic can be written about all over the world, due to the fact that it is about warming all over the globe.

Manufacturing and Businesses Practices

When students write about global warming, they do not have to just focus on the controversial initiatives taken at the governmental level. They can also write about what corporations have been doing to preserve resources and help prevent global warming. Manufacturers have been changing the way they do business in order to use fewer natural resources. Often, when students look at manufacturing practices, the businesses simply switch to using a different resources. For example, cars that are made to run without gas still need to use electricity to charge.

Plenty of Available Research to Support Multiple Arguments

Another reason why global warming is such a popular topic is that there is plenty of research available. Since scientists have been studying the phenomenon, students are able to find significant research proving that global warming is occurring all over the world. They are also able to find many arguments against the idea of global warming. The topic has so many arguments going for and against it that students can create unique ideas. This is not the case with arguments about other topics, like gay marriage, marijuana legalization, steroid use in professional sports, unions in collegiate athletics, and even the most common topic of all: abortion.