Architecture Thesis Ideas And Possible Prompts


A large majority of students doesn’t seek for an architectural thesis, but there are the ones that choose to write their paper. By attempting that, they get a clear advantage over the students who get into college programs without ever writing a long essay. Having this experience will help them a lot in doctoral programs and a lot more in their dissertation assignment.

There are many people searching the internet for suggestions for their architecture thesis. So I created an article that will make a large majority of students extremely happy. You will find information about how to choose a topic and about architecture and its relationship with other arts.


The challenge in writing a successful architectural thesis is finding the perfect topic or an original point of view on other topics chosen by other students. This forces the students to see architecture as a theoretical area of study. Bringing up this challenge will make them correlate this field with other aspects of life, such as religion. In cases like that, scholars can do a lot of research, studying different times and different ancient designs.


We all know that architecture is a field of study which is much more practical than theoretical. All of our buildings and structures are based on practical work, not just thoughts. A masterpiece is the result of simple and elegant work. Choose something practical – like an airport, a train station and write about its impact on travelers during time.


Architecture is the essence of life as it’s crucial for our modern times. Our world could never look so amazing without this field of study. Students can intersect architecture with other arts and write about different decades or the relationship of photography and architecture. Or the relationship between architecture, landscape and modern buildings. Don’t let the scholars limit to a specific period of time.


Studying buildings which have been built thousands of years ago can be extremely pleasant and fascinating. Watching the differences a culture went through during century’s gives students a lot of inspiration for writing successful architectural thesis. Studying buildings from Renaissance or the Franciscan movement are two other options. There are many cultures in the world that have unique and amazing buildings to look at. Also, students could use the present in their thesis and write about the movement in Dubai – their buildings are simply amazing. Do a proper research and find out possible ideas for your architectural thesis.