Extinction is a biological ecology term that means the end of a certain species of an organism’s species. Over time, organism’s become extinct due to failure to adapt to the ever changing environment. This however is a process that happens over a very long period of time as the change of environment is a slow process. One of the factors that can cause extinction of a species is predation. If the animal is not able to acclimate it to the environment by having ways in which it can be able to flee or hide from the predators, chances that the said animal’s species may be wiped out are high.

Due to this factor, there are many extinct animals in the world given that the earth is many years old. Over time, many animals have become extinct either through predation or have fallen victims to the climatic changes of the earth’s atmosphere over time. These animals have therefore grown extinct ever since. The only way to revive these extinct animals is only genetic cloning. This is where scientists recover the ancient DNA of these animals and try and construct the lost genes of the same. This however translates to that we can only revive those animals that did go extinct not so many years ago and still have some of their cells intact in their remains.

According to Zimmer reviving of extinct species will increase biodiversity. Biodiversity is a storehouse of invention. A good example is pharmaceuticals. These were not invented from scratch. They were studies on certain flora or fauna that bore the fruit of medicinal value of the same. The revival of extinct species might therefore have some of the most sought out answers to certain predicaments such as the cure for cancer.

The revival of these extinct species is in some way a responsibility for us humans. Most of these species were driven extinct by human activities. This might have been done through certain activities such as the invasion and destruction of these animals habitat for settlement by human beings. It is more possible now more than ever since the scientific technology has advanced to the level that genetic cloning is now more than ever. A good example of successful cloning is the dolly sheep that was cloned in Edinburg and died at the age of six weeks in the year 2001. It is hence possible to revive extinct species.