How To Find Persuasive Essay Examples For High School

If you are assigned a persuasive essay for your high school English class, it may be helpful to have a good understanding of how to structure and write an A grade paper. Using a sample can be a great strategy to learn how to craft this kind of paper. If you are using a sample for a specific assignment, its important to make sure you are choosing an example that meets the criteria your teacher set out for the assignment. To find a sample persuasive essay you should go to:

Your teacher

Your teacher may or may not be an obvious first choice for where to find a sample term paper. But if you’re struggling to understand what is expected of you in the assignment, or if you are looking for help on how to organize or format it, don’t be afraid to go to your teacher for help. Ask them if they have any examples from previous classes that they’d be willing to share with you. The upside of getting a sample from your professor is that you’ll know that it is what they’re looking for with the specific assignment. Also, chances are they’ll be impressed that you were proactive enough to seek out help.

Writing Center Websites

Most universities have a writing center that can be a tremendous resource to students, and many of them have excellent websites where those resources have been made available to everyone. Search these sites for examples of persuasive essays, as well as tips for organizing yours and crafting your argument.

Your librarian

Most students under utilize their librarians, because they don’t realize that they can help with a lot more than just finding books in the stacks. They can help you access all kind of resources, including sample papers for different subjects.

Online forums

While it’s riskier than getting a sample term paper from your teacher or writing center, you can also tern to online forums for assignment help. There are academic forums where other students may be willing to send you their papers, as well as general forums which may have a sub category for students or even for the subject of your class. When using samples from online sources like this, you should always be critical of whether they are good examples to use, and whether they meet the requirements your teacher has set.