Driverless Cars

Most accidents in the United States are caused by driver error and what if that could be lowered if the cars that we drive, drive themselves? This a new thing that is out now days, they are starting to come out with cars that drive themselves, Google already has a driverless car on the road and I’m sure others will follow suit. At the first World’s Fair, there was take about an driverless car that would be available to the pubic by the 60s even though that hasn’t happen we are closer to having this kinds of cars on the road.

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Cars are now have the technology to help drivers stay in their lane, avoid collisions, and have become very advanced over the years. And these kinds of features are not just on luxury cars, they also come on models that everyone can afford. The advancement of technology in cars has come a long way since Henry Ford first invented them. These features are there to keep the driver and other people on the road safe. The first driverless car should be available for the public very soon, since so many companies are working on a model.

Driverless cars are equipped with sensors, software, and computers that give it all the information it needs to keep the passengers in the car safe. This information prevents accidents by scanning the surroundings and then adjusting the speed and other factors that will reduce the instance of an accident. Since the car is driving itself, there is less chance of an accident from driver error, which is the leading cause of car accidents in the United States. Driverless cars will save many lives and gives other a chance to get behind the wheel again. People that are legally blind, elderly, or have some other disability that limits them from driving can now own a car that they don’t have to drive.

The point of the driverless car is safety. Have a car on the road that drives itself will keep other safe. It will also reduce speeding and other factors that lead to accidents. The technology is here to create the driverless car and come companies are already testing ones on the road but the question is, which car company will be the first to perfect and sell a driverless car to the public first and will it be affordable?