Herb Drugs vs Medication Drugs

The topic on whether to administer herb drugs or conventional drugs has led to a heated debate on the topic. Herbalists believe that it is beneficial to administer herb drugs. According to them, active constituents are self-balancing hence; their effectiveness relies on the numerous substances present. Additionally, the herbalists hold that each active constituent of the herbs has an effect in curing other diseases and conditions. However, scientists have expressed reservations regarding the use of herbal drugs for medication purpose. Most of the medical practitioners argue in favor of conventional drugs because the drugs undergo tests on their side effects, quality and effectiveness.

In an attempt to distinguish between conventional and herbal drugs, it will be essential to outline the cases in support of and those against the drugs.

Case for conventional drugs

Most medical practitioners have preferred conventional drugs because they have the approval of the Food and drug Administration (FDA). The agency approves new drugs based on their quality, effectiveness and ensures that the products are safe for the market. Conventional drugs are preferred because the tests on the drug make it possible to determine their side effects. Additionally, the drugs are also preferred since administration can be in small quantities for treatment.

Case against conventional drugs

Most of the medication drugs are expensive because of the comprehensive testing and high research costs. The high research and development costs of the drugs passes on to the consumers making them more expensive than the herbal drugs. Additionally, it is also a difficult task in establishing the effectiveness of the drugs.

Case for herbal drugs

Herbal medicine cost less as compared to conventional drugs. Manufacture of conventional drugs is from herbs that have chemicals that occur naturally. Herbalists argue that it is better taking a 100% natural product rather than a processed drug. According to then, conventional drugs do not contain all the elements that would be present in natural herbs. Additionally, the herbal drugs often have benefits beyond their intended purposes. The various active ingredients in the herbal drugs may end up solving more health problems of the patient unlike conventional drugs that have a single active ingredient to cure diseases. Lastly, herbs also contain minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the general body.

Case against herbal drugs

The Foods and Drugs Administration do not regulate most of the herbal drugs. This make administering of the drugs a risky affair since it is difficult to establish the side effects. Some of the active ingredients contained in the drugs may have negative effects that may injure the body. Additionally, establishing the effectiveness of the drug is difficult.


In conclusion, most people prefer conventional drugs to herbal drugs since they have the approval of the Food and Drugs Administration agency. Herbalists hold the view that herbal drugs are effective and are the solution to health problems. Additionally, they hold that patients intending to use herbal medicine should seek advice on the drugs before using them.