Picking Up Good Proposal Essay Topics: Useful Tips For Beginners

When you are picking an essay topic, remember the following:

- The most important first step is to review your assignment details. You want to make sure that before you decide upon a topic that you have reviewed what is required of you and ensured that your topic will fit within the parameters of the requirements. Does your assignment detail any provisions or any limitations such as a character from a particular book, or a segment of chapters, or a time period? These are important and often overlooked by students.

- Once you have familiarized yourself with the keywords included in your project description, you should start by brainstorming ideas. Consider the topics that you often debate among friends and family. Think back to things you have read recently, or news reports you have seen. Review your textbooks and look over your course notes to see if there are any topics you have covered in the past that now you want to know more about.

- Make sure that the item you select for your topic is something that you love. You want a topic that truly piques your interest. If you are passionate about the topic, that will show through your work. Your teacher will see it and you will earn a higher grade.

- Once you done that, it is time to take your top three or four potential topics and conduct rudimentary research on them. Use a search engine to find out if there is enough information on your proposed topic to write a good proposal essay. Make sure that the information which does exist does not support the opposing argument.

- Once you have completed your research and verified that there is enough information out there, it is best to run the potential topic by your teacher. See if they give it a stamp of approval.

- If the topic you have is too broad or too narrow, you can refine it a bit. You can add characteristics, evidence, or perhaps events to your topic to add bulk. If you need to refine or narrow the topic, you can constrict your review or your analysis to a particular time period, a particular chapter, an era, a character, or an author, etc… You can use anything that you can think of to limit what information you cover in your next essay.