What Are The Key Elements Of An Argumentative Essay?

The terrains of an argumentative essay are crystal-clear; it is about an abiding argument. There is a difference though from verbal arguments. While verbal arguments often teeter towards illogical statements and aggression; the written piece is more about logic and composure.

Decency and restraint

A quality argumentative essay keeps within the parameters of decency and restraint and yet brings out its conclusion in an emphatic manner. It clings to the elements it is designed to adhere to.

Here are the key elements which should establish an argumentative essay.

Deft analysis of different themes or sides – In an argumentative essay, either two different entities are compared and contrasted or the feasibility and efficacy of an existing system is debated. The two sides or themes should be equally emphasized with their relative strengths and weaknesses. Comparing without placing the entities in true light is unfair.

Relevance to the times – This is a pivotal point. Choose topics which are relevant to today’s times; today’s societies. It can be a social, political or behavioral topic but it should conform to the people and lifestyles of current time. Only then will the readers identify with the work and value the solutions.

You should not be offensive – You should take moral responsibility not to take an argument whose one side takes an erroneous path. For instance, a topic like ‘Should smoking be banned in public places’ should not be argued, even if it retains the quantum for argument. You know you are offending morality if you preach the tenability of smoking.

You should be logical in analysis – Your logic should be resonant; not colored and prejudicial. When comparing two political parties, you should not let your personal affiliations influence your argument. You should rather do extensive research into the ideologies of the two parties and assess the sounder party of the two. There is nothing more vocal than a reasoned analysis.

Your perspective – While doing an argumentative essay, you should put forth your perspective; not the ones you have heard or read somewhere. It is your essay and should carry your opinions; not the others’.

Summing up a conclusion – The argumentative essay should have a deft and compact conclusion, stating unequivocally what you stand for. You cannot afford to take a middle line; suggesting this path is okay, but that path would be better. The reader should get a clear picture of what you are trying to emphasize and what roadmap you want them to take.