How To Make A Strong Intro Paragraph: Easy Strategies For Beginners

A lot of writers make the mistake of not writing an effective intro paragraph. They fail to realize just how important a strong introduction is. The introduction is the part of the paper that draws your reader in. It is designed to get your readers attention and should be used to make them want to read more.

Do not get overwhelmed by the fact that the introduction is so important. There are some easy strategies to follow so that even beginners can succeed at writing introductions.

  1. Find an interesting quote to use as your first sentence.
  2. One way to draw your audience in is to use an interesting quote that you found when you were researching your topic. This is a great way to draw your audience in because it will get them excited about the topic. It will also satisfy one of your reference requirements if you have any.

  3. Background information should be a part of introduction.
  4. The introduction is where you would display any background information on your topic. It will take up the majority of your introductory paragraph. General information about your topic will set the stage for your reader. That way they can still enjoy the essay even if they didn’t know anything about it prior.

  5. Vocabulary is important and should be included.
  6. If there is any vocabulary that the reader should know in order to understand the topic or your paper, the introduction is where you would add that information. There are some topic specific vocabulary words that you would want to include in your paper. If there is specific terminology used in your field of study, the reader may not know what it means and therefore you should define it for them.

  7. Thesis statement will be the last sentence.
  8. The introduction should end with a thesis statement. It is the sentence that explains the reasons behind why you wrote the essay. It is very important because it will tell your reader what the paper is about. An easy way to write your thesis is to make a generalization and then tell the three reasons why you made the generalization.

If you follow these simple strategies, you will be able to write a strong introduction in no time. The idea is to ensure that you draw your reader in. If you don’t accomplish this goal, your paper will likely not be a success.